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What to Know About the Health Pointe Shoe

Health Pointe Shoe

Health Pointe Shoe Company is located in Northridge, California. It was founded by Mario da Silva Pereira, who was a student of the great Peruvian teacher, Father Hidalgo. In his pursuit to become a great artist, he came across the health Pointe shoe method. This method teaches students and dancers the correct way to execute slides, sways, and turns while dancing. The shoes are specially designed by health Pointe students with the help of an experienced instructor.

Health Pointe

Health Pointe is the only national health Pointe school in the U.S. They have over 800 students in the class. Health Pointe students learn all aspects of pointe from their teacher, rather than learning it from books. Shoes manufactured by Health Pointe are engineered for maximum comfort, and the shoes are fitted to the feet precisely.

Ethyl Vinyl Acetate(EVA)

Most health Pointe shoes are made with ethyl vinyl acetate, (EVA), which is a natural foam polymer. The materials used in shoes are water-resistant and do not allow moisture to set in, which allows shoes to last longer. Many shoes are also slip-resistant, which is important for ballet dancers. Some companies produce waterproof health Pointe shoes, and these are available on the market.

Health Pointe shoe Braces

The health Pointe shoes are specially fitted with braces on the toe box to help students align correctly. Braces are made from rubber because it is very durable. The health Pointe shoes have foam insoles and shank plates and are also reinforced with polyurethane for extra comfort. There are many manufacturers of Pointe shoes, and the shoes can be expensive. A good quality Pointe shoe can cost upwards of $300. If you are an aspiring dancer you need to get your feet used to wear Pointe shoes before you purchase one. Shoes need to fit comfortably and your toes should feel comfortable in the shoes. Usually, Pointe shoes will need to be broken in, or at least worn a few weeks for your feet to become accustomed to the shape and feel of the Pointe shoe.

You can also use healthy Pointe shoes for everyday purposes. They can be worn with jeans or pants as long as they are held in place by the metal brace. Most shoes have toe attachments that allow you to put the shoe on in the morning when you take your morning shower. These shoes can often double as a bib or wrap-around wrap for those quick morning hours when you need to get some additional warmth on. They are also great for running errands, shopping, and going out with friends. It is important to wear clean shoes in public.

High Thin

The health Pointe shoes are not made the same way that ordinary shoes are made. The shoes tend to be very thin and have a hard plastic sole. This makes the shoes stiff and causes them to break down more quickly. They usually have only two points of support, unlike ordinary shoes that have three points of support. They do not have cleats on the bottom of the shoes but instead have soft fabric pads below the heel and arch to give you some traction.

Online Store

You can find health Pointe shoes at most shoe stores, as well as online. You can usually get better deals on these shoes online because of the lower overhead of a web retailer. Before you buy any health Pointe shoes make sure to check your size and to buy from a reputable store. If you have never tried healthy Pointe shoes before, you should try them out for a few days. If you like the shoes, then you will probably not even need to buy more than one pair. These shoes go through a lot, and if you treat them right they should last a long time.


When you first put on your healthy Pointe shoes you will feel an immediate shock to the joints. They will be stiff and you may have to fight to keep yourself moving the right way. If you move slowly and gracefully your body gradually gets used to the new positions. You will notice how light your feet feel once you are wearing these shoes. After a few days, you will become used to the stiffness and it will no longer be a problem. As your body gets used to them, you will find that you have more flexibility. The health Pointe shoes can be very hard on your feet. They take up a lot of muscle. If you are careful with them and do not do anything to them that is too strenuous, then they will last a long time

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