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What is Marquis Health Services?

Marquis Health Services

Marquis Health Services (MHS) is a nationally recognized provider of senior health care facilities with a specialty in rehabilitation and other inpatient care for the elderly. Marquis Health Services (MHS) has named Debra Donovan, Vice President of Marketing and Sales for the business in the newly formed New England area. Ms. Donovan has two years of experience in the health care industry, including strategic planning, leadership, operations management, sales, and public relations, program development, and staff training in the long-term care industry. She has also served as an account manager for several health insurance companies. Prior to moving to New England, Ms.Donovan held positions with Medimmune Systems, Silver Star Hospital, and Care Finance Corporation. In addition, she held positions with the American Society for Nursing, Washington University in St. Louis, and Health Management Assurance.

The mission of Marquis Health Services

The mission of Marquis Health Services is “To provide a comprehensive range of care for our patients while helping them live a quality life.” The philosophy of the company is, “No one should suffer or wish to be treated as if they do not matter. Our goal is to work with you to help make your recovery as smooth as possible.” In addition to nursing home care, the company offers a full range of inpatient and outpatient services, specialty clinics and hospitals, and a full range of wellness programs to meet the needs of any individual or family.

Helping Patients

Here are many reasons why Marquis Health Services believes that helping patients live the best possible lives within their communities is one of its greatest priorities. According to the most recent survey of families in New England, more than two-thirds (67%) of those families suffered some form of burn-related injuries. Of those injuries, approximately one-third required medical treatment at a specialty burns center. Of the treatment, almost one-half (53%) was covered by insurance.

Marquis Healthcare Training

In response to the need for trained, licensed rehabilitation specialists, the company has been adding new positions since its founding in 1985. Today, Marquis healthcare provides over 500 trained rehabilitation specialists, continuing education instructors, and placement coordinators to its patient and caregiver base. Rehabilitation specialists help families, individuals, and professionals regain mobility, independence, and confidence after an accident or other catastrophic event. With an increased need for skilled rehabilitation doctors, nurses, and other healthcare providers, and a corresponding need for rehabilitation nurses, the position field is growing rapidly. As the demand for qualified rehabilitation nurses increases, the salary, and benefits provided to this industry will grow as well.

Devastating Accident

For the individual suffering from a devastating accident, long-term hospitalization may be the option available. However, because of their injuries or other condition, long-term hospital stays can be very expensive. In addition, there are no federal or state laws requiring hospitals to provide intensive care or palliative care in these situations. Many patients are forced to live with physical disabilities and pain for months or years while in the care of a specialty hospital or long-term rehabilitation center.

Long-Term Care

Another popular service offered by Marquis health services is providing long-term care. The average person may require care for an average of five years or more. Unfortunately, many people do not receive the level of care they need in this amount of time, due to a lack of access to outstanding care facilities. When someone needs long-term healthcare, they often turn to hospice. However, because hospice is only available in select states, many seniors end up not being able to stay in their homes for the desired amount of time, as they do not reside in a state with the provider of hospice.

Business Development Training

To bridge the gap between long-term and short-term healthcare needs, Marquis health services provides business development training to its clients, in addition to the necessary care and compassionate assistance to help a patient transition from their current circumstances to a new situation. There are currently several rehab centers in New England that have experienced what Marquis has to offer, such as St. John’s Wort, License, and sober minute. All of the programs focus on the art of recovery, which involves understanding the cause of the illness in order to treat it accordingly, and assisting individuals and families in making informed decisions regarding their healthcare options. Many individuals who enter treatment have little to no knowledge regarding the disease and the treatments available to them, which makes it imperative that they receive accurate and up-to-date information in order to make the most effective treatment decision.

In addition to business development and healthcare training, Marquis health services also offer complimentary wellness visits, individualized care plans, confidential referral programs, medical supplies, social events, and much more. Their services are focused on providing quality, compassionate, results-oriented care to individuals and families. Many of the services offered are not covered by insurance, and the concierge-style support is provided free of charge. Individuals who are interested in receiving treatment by one of the Marquis healthcare facilities are encouraged to contact the business development department at Marquis health services to learn more about programs, classes, and services.

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