January 24, 2022

What Is A Clean Bill Of Health?

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What Is A Clean Bill Of Health?

What Is A Clean Bill Of Health?

If you or someone you know is in the health care system you are likely to have heard the term clean bill of health by at least one doctor, nurse, or hospital
administrator. It has been used so often it has entered our consciousness and unfortunately we no longer take the time to stop and think about what the
words mean. When you hear the term clean bill of health you should stop for a moment and ask, “What is it?” In this article we will go over the definition and
explain the significance behind it.
A clean bill of health is one that does not carry the risk of contagious disease. When something is infectious the chances of contracting it are very high. So
when a person gets a cold or cough there is always the chance they could contract a cold or cough. The physician gave him a clean bill of health knowing
that anytime he contracted a communicable disease from this person it would be a serious matter.
There are many other idioms that have to do with clean bill of health too. One of them is, “He has a good condition”. A good condition in this example would
be if a patient was prescribed an antibiotic. This is an example where it is saying that the patient is healthy because the antibiotics were taken. This is
common in the United States.
Another of these idioms is “The body cannot be cleaned”. When this condition is mentioned it is meant that no contagious disease can be spread from the
patient to another person. This is very common in hospitals and medical practices.
Another of these idioms is, “I received a clean bill of health, but my companion got a clean bill of health”. When this statement is used it means that the
medical condition received by the patient was the same as the condition received by their companion. In many cases this idiom is used in insurance claims.
The only way to really know how one’s condition was is by taking a test. If there are no test results then the statement that I received a clean bill of health
must be false.
One other common idiom used is, “A man’s got to do what a man has to do”. When this idiom is used it usually means that some behaviors have proven to
be dangerous and therefore should be changed. It could be that drinking too much or smoking is harmful and should be stopped. However, the meaning
behind this idiom is that people should do what is right for them and not what is popular.
Of course not all people believe that this idiom means what it says. Some people seem to think that this idiom means you must not do what is popular just to
be able to get a clean bill of health just like everyone else. This idiom could easily be used to control people when they act out of line or make foolish
choices that they know are wrong. In addition, people may base their actions based on what is popular if it means that someone else is doing something that
is popular and that someone else is doing something that is not popular. This would also mean that everyone is living according to this standard.
Of course there is more to the definition of clean than just keeping a clean bill of health and being healthy. Maintaining a good overall health and maintaining
one’s personal conduct are just as important. Just because you are told to keep a clean bill of health does not mean that you must follow this idiom at all
times. People are advised to talk with their doctor if they need assistance regarding their personal health or their overall health

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