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What Does It Mean If You Crave Fatty Foods? 5 Reasons

What does it mean if you want fatty foods?

Your body needs fat to function, and fatty foods taste good. However, if you often want to eat fatty foods, it can be a sign that your body lacks certain nutrients.

If you want to eat fatty foods, you are not alone. Your body needs it Fat To work, and fatty foods taste good. However, If you want to eat fatty foods often, it can be a sign that your body lacks certain nutrients.

5 Reasons Why You Can Eat Fatty Foods

  1. Lack of fat-soluble Vitamins: Lack of fat or fat-soluble can lead to cravings for fatty foods Vitamins (Vitamins E, D, K, and A) are yours Food. You can satisfy this craving with fatty fish, avocado or nuts and seeds.
  2. Food Memories: Food cravings are often caused by areas of the brain that are responsible for memory and sensory pleasure. When you see fatty foods, these areas become active and your brain can associate these foods with pleasure and reward. These memories can be strong enough to boost your appetite for fatty foods.
  3. Stress: If you want to eat fatty foods, it can be a sign that you are stressed or anxious. Many people find fatty foods to be comfortable and high-carb foods to increase the levels of serotonin in the brain, a feeling-good chemical that gives you temporary relief. Stress.
  4. Genetics: According to some studies, you are getting fat Food There is a tendency to embed in our genes. Our ancestors were able to store extra calories to survive in times of trouble, and in some ways our bodies may have been programmed to crave high-calorie foods as a way of survival.
  5. Fast metabolism: People who have a fast metabolism may have a greater desire for fatty foods. Burns Calories fast.

How to reduce the craving for fatty foods

  • Control your share: While it is okay to give in to your desires for a while, the key is to keep an eye on your parts. To avoid eating a whole bag of chips, pour a small amount into a plate instead of eating directly from the bag. Scoop up your ice cream in a bowl and don’t eat from the carton.
  • Choose smart: When you want fatty foods, you can try making a low-calorie version of your favorite snack. For example, if you prefer brown, try a low-fat recipe that tastes just as good.
  • Don’t be hungry: If you skip meals or stay hungry for too long, you may get extra compensation by eating too much or choosing fast food. To control your appetite, make it a habit to eat smaller meals more frequently throughout the day.
  • Find other ways to reduce stress: If you are someone who eats fatty foods for relaxation, look for other ways to reduce stress:
    • Meet a friend for coffee
    • Hat
    • Follow the hobbies you enjoy
    • Listen to your favorite music
    • Get a rest Massage
    • To get Pedicure
    • Reading a book


According to the USDA, there is no difference between “part” and “service”.
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