This Restorative Yoga Flow Will Help You Feel More Relaxed and Balanced

Everyday tasks – such as sitting at a desk for a long time or bending over to pick up clutter – can affect your body and make your frame look weird. This is where these simple movements come from. Chris Jones, co-founder of SkyTing Yoga in New York City and Nike master trainer, describes them as alignment currencies, designed to combat everyday wear and tear on your body. “When you do them regularly, you restore the body to its best state and relieve stress,” she says. Result: A more relaxed, balanced you.

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Foot breaker 

Start by placing the legs together and the toes on all fours. Slowly move your hips back and forth until your butt rests on your heels. Join the fingers together and fold the palms so that they are facing outwards. Then bring the arms straight up. Leave your body weight on your heels.

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Ling with armpit cleansing 

With the dog down, move your right foot between your hands; Then place your left knee down on the mat. Make sure your right knee is directly above the right heel, making a 90 degree angle to the knee. Place your right armpit directly above the right knee, bend your right elbow, and make a fist with your right hand. Using your right knee tool as a tool, massage your right armpit by making circles around the knee, clockwise and then clockwise.

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Supported wide leg forward fold 

Stand slightly behind with the feet on either side at a low or medium height behind the horizontally placed block. With your heels on the same plane and your feet parallel to each other, extend your legs wide. Raise your hands to your hips, and look up at the ceiling as you breathe. As you exhale, turn your hips forward with a long spine, lowering your hands to touch the ground. See if the crown of your head can come on the block, raise the block, lower it, or add another block until it is below your head.

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Praying with arms outstretched

Kneel together with the knees, and place a block between your legs on the lower or middle horizontal surface. Sit on the block, keeping your feet close to it. Place your hands behind your back in the middle of your back, and press your palms together, forming a form of prayer. Try to press your whole hands together.

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King’s dove pose

With the dog down, bring your right knee to your right hand and keep your shin almost parallel to the top of the mat. Lower leg. Spread your left leg behind you, knee cap and feet on the floor. When you lift your torso, press with your fingers and place a folded blanket under your right hip. Bend your left knee to lift the lower leg. Place your left hand in front of you. Then bring your right arm back. Hold the left ankle, and turn the torso to the right. Keep the feet flexible.

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Restoration fish

Sit with your legs spread in front of you and your hands on your hips. Slowly lower yourself to a low or medium height on the block, placing it horizontally. Let your head touch the mat. Bring the arms above the head, cross your right elbow under your left, and rotate your arms around each other so that the left palm rests on the right wrist and the right palm rests on the mat behind your head.

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Waterfall pose

Lie down on the mat with your knees bent and your feet flat. Lift your hips straight up, pressing firmly to the feet; Then slide two stacked, horizontally placed blocks, both at their lowest height, under your sacrum. With your head and shoulders on the floor, place your arms on the sides and face of the palms, bring the right knee to the chest, then the left knee. Next, spread both legs straight up. Keep the feet bent.

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Assistant Sawasna

In the middle of the mat, place the two blocks horizontally and at a height between them. Lie down with the feet slightly apart on the mat and the blocks below the navel bone and hip crease. Spread your arms out over your head, bend your elbows slightly and turn into a cactus. Turn the head to one side.

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