The Ottumwa Regional Health Center

Ottumwa Regional Health Center

For more than 125 years, Ottumwa Regional Health Center in eastern Iowa has served the local community of Ottumwa and all of the residents of Southeast Iowa. The history of this wonderful organization dates back to its early beginnings as a Temperance Parish church. In those days the area was an important route for grain and livestock deliveries to the railroads. The center continues to provide affordable and quality health care to its residents today. This is fortunate because the center has also maintained its reputation as one of the best places to go for personal care in Iowa.

Medical Staff

The medical staff at the center is made up of licensed professionals who have been through training. These individuals are focused on providing excellent care to their patients. A primary objective of the staff is to provide a comfortable and friendly environment for the patient while providing necessary healthcare. Because of the focus on family-centered care in this facility, patients can interact with other patients in the waiting room and share personal stories. Family members are encouraged to visit the center on occasion and speak with the staff about their needs.

Patient’s Family

The patient’s family is always welcome at the center. They are treated warmly and given attention to detail by the doctors and other staff members. The patients do not feel any more isolated or neglected because there are so many caring people willing to help them through their times of need. The patients are not apprehensive about visiting the doctors during their appointments and they feel at ease when the doctors and staff members are dealing with them. The doctors and staff members take special pride in treating the patients with respect. This is evident in the way the physicians address their patients while they meet with them. The patients are allowed to ask any questions they may have during their appointment. This helps to build strong relationships with all of the doctors and staff members at the center.

Anesthesia patients

All patients have received general anesthesia at the Ottumwa Regional Health Center. During the procedure, the anesthesiologist monitored the level of anesthesia and administered it accordingly. There were no significant complications or concerns expressed regarding the level of anesthesia received by any of the patients.

An electrocauterization procedure was performed on the patient during a procedure to remove excess body hair. The electrocauterization process was completed without incident. The patient did not complain of pain or discomfort during the procedure. There was no postoperative pressure applied to the scalp.

Patient’s Treatment

During the patient’s treatment at the Ottumwa Regional Health Center, many preventive services were offered to the patient. This included counseling for drug and alcohol abuse as well as other behavioral issues. There was also a patient education session held for all patients that occurred every six weeks. Through these sessions, many problems that were not identified during earlier screenings were brought to the attention of the patient.

 Ottumwa Health Center staff

The entire staff at the Ottumwa Health Center is highly trained and dedicated to providing high-quality health care to all of the residents. The doctors, nurses, and therapists are committed to treating the patient with kindness, compassion, and respect. No one who receives care at the health center is left feeling anonymous or forgotten. The entire facility strives to help each resident through each stage of their treatment.

Through the years, many different types of treatment have been administered at the Ottumwa Health Center. A patient who needs invasive surgery will be carefully evaluated before undergoing any type of procedure. If the surgeon determines that the patient is a good candidate for the procedure, then an initial consultation will take place. During this consultation, the surgeon will discuss all aspects of the procedure as well as his plans for post-treatment care.

OTTU Center

Many patients receive further treatment once they leave the OTTU center. If the patient requires additional treatment following the surgery, then this will be provided when the patient is discharged from the hospital. The patient will be taken to an outpatient facility where he or she can recover completely. Some people have opted to stay in the OTTU facility to receive continued post-surgical care. These people may choose to stay at the center for a few more months to recover completely before they undergo another surgical procedure.

Because each patient has different needs, the health center strives to treat each one as best as possible. They do not focus on one gender or the other to provide equal treatment to both sexes. The doctors and nurses are only concerned with the well-being of the person and the immediate treatment of the emergency or illness that was causing the emergency

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