The Husband in the Widely-Mocked Peloton Ad Has Spoken Out

Last month, the state-of-the-art exercise equipment company Piloton released a 30-second ad that has now been widely ridiculed and called out, with some people noticing that your partner’s exercise How unpleasant it can be to buy things as a gift, and others wonder why anyone would do such a thing. Show their Instagram stories in front of your family on TV.

And now, in the ad, the humiliated husband – or, rather, the actor who plays him – has spoken.

In a statement written for Today’s Psychology (Sent to a partner who is a friend of his), Sean James, an actor and elementary school teacher in Vancouver, Canada, spoke about the reaction since the ad was released.

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First of all, he said, the answer was quite positive: "My acting coach texted me after watching the video and said I look great!"

He described his experience filming the ad in September, which he described as “one.” "Great time" With an amazing cast and crew, including the actress who played the role of mother and daughter.

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"But a few days ago, everything changed," He wrote. "As soon as the video went viral, my friends’ reviews stopped. I soon noticed that the commercial received several thousand down votes as tweets surfaced and there was weight on talk shows."

"My 5 second airtime created an array of malicious impressions attached to my face," He wrote. "My friend texted me today and announced that I was the ‘symbol of the human kingdom’."

James’ blog statement reflects on the personal consequences of the ad. After all, Peloton’s The stock fell After going viral.

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"As the online screenshot of my face continues, I wonder what effect it will have on me," He wrote in a way that was no different. Carrie Bradshaw "I couldn’t help but wonder".

"I am proud to be a great teacher and a developing actor, and I can only hope that it will not affect both. […] As I continue to consider commercials, I consider these ideas: Why are people creating so many extra stories in the story?" He added. "Am I allowed to view commercials positively after receiving such negative feedback? What would people’s first opinion of me be if I was recognized on the street?"

he said What Change your Instagram handle. "Apeloton husband," So maybe it’s not all that bad?

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He also admitted that his point of view is only half of the story: "I Consider what to do with my co-star, because that’s another 25 seconds of the story."

The pilot, for his part, stands with the ad. The company said A statement, "While we are frustrated with how some have misinterpreted this commercial, we are receiving support from people who understand what we are trying to communicate. Is encouraged – and thankful for that."

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