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The Council of Veterinarians of Thailand Promotes And Adopts Petra Health Services

Petra Health Services

The Alliance of Petra is an international organization dedicated to providing veterinary health services to its veterinary members. The Alliance provides veterinary care to its registered members through its affiliation of licensed veterinary health practitioners, who are affiliated with the Alliance’s member organizations. Allied health providers who participate in the Alliance’s regional conferences and workshops receive Continuing Education credits. Veterinary professionals who are associated with the Alliance’s regional organizations have the opportunity to attend the Alliance’s annual veterinary conference, which is held in different cities across the United States. At the conference, these professionals will be able to receive additional knowledge and skills in issues that concern the health of pets and improve the quality of pet health service delivery.

Alliance of Petra

The veterinary care provided by The Alliance includes diagnosis, treatment, preventative care, vaccinations, surgery, recuperation, and long-term care. The organization also focuses on the education of veterinarians and the maintenance of good practice standards. Its long-term goals are to improve the wellness of pets and decrease the incidence and severity of diseases and disabilities. Veterinarians are trained to provide a comprehensive range of veterinary care that is based on the best practices of conventional and complementary veterinary medicine.

Petra’s Affiliation

Petra’s affiliation with pet health providers allows pet owners to get routine preventive care through veterinarian referral cards. Allied health practitioners are trained to provide diagnostic and non-directive care. Through its regional activities, the organization facilitates communication between veterinary care workers and pet owners. Through its affiliated organizations and programs, pet owners can obtain detailed information about their pet’s condition, health history, and current medications. Allied health practitioners and technicians are well-trained in providing vaccinations and pet health services.

veterinary care

In providing veterinary care, petra gives equal importance to animal wellness. Its animal health management plan system coordinates the different aspects of pet health. It aims at promoting optimal pet health by promoting community pet ownership and improving animal health. The organization also encourages animal owners to become skilled in handling and managing animals.

Establishment  Offices

Petra was formed in 1985. The first year of operation saw growth and the establishment of offices across the United States. Today, it has more than eighty veterinary clinics in the states of Arkansas, California, Colorado, Florida, Georgia, Hawaii, Kentucky, Maryland, Massachusetts, Minnesota, New Jersey, New Mexico, New York, North Carolina, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Texas, and Washington. With offices in Canada as well, it is a major player in the pet health management industry. Today, pet owners can access the Internet for a variety of valuable resources. They can also interact with veterinarians on an online forum dedicated to pet owners. One of the major concerns of pet owners is wellness and disease prevention.

Wellness of Pets

In order to ensure the overall wellness of pets, petra provides a network of doctors and other members who are committed to offering comprehensive wellness care. Veterinary practitioners who are part of the petra wellness council are committed to maintaining high standards and regulations of pet health. The councils require all council members to complete a four-hour certification program. The certification program focuses on core issues that affect pet health and is aimed at transforming pet owners into knowledgeable, effective health advocates for their pets.

Petra Recognizes

Petra recognizes that prevention is better than cure. By encouraging pet owners to get routine wellness check-ups and screenings for their pets, they can help ensure that they are keeping themselves and their pets healthy. Through this program, pet owners can learn about common illnesses and the preventive measures that can be taken to avoid them. As a result of these efforts, they can reduce the costs associated with illness and preventable diseases through improved management of wellness and disease.

Petra’s council

Petra’s council is an important part of the pet healthcare movement. Through this council, pet owners can connect to others who have similar beliefs and values regarding pet healthcare. Through continuous education and networking, pet owners can promote their own pet wellness practices and find out about new resources available to them. For those with a strong belief in pet health and wellness, this is a valuable opportunity.

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