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Spring Sprains: Sports Injury Season Begins

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News Photo: Spring Sprains: Sports Injury Season Begins

Sunday, May 1, 2022 (Health Day News)

As Youth spring sports Kicking in high gear, it’s important to know about injuries Resistance And treatment, says one expert.

According to Dr. Marcus Knox, a physical therapist in the Department of Orthopedic Surgery at the Baylor College of Medicine in Houston, the risk of injury and prevention may be altered by sports.

Younger baseball pitchers are at risk of shoulder and elbow injuries and young children are prohibited from certain pitches – such as curve balls. Stress They put on some part of the body.

Shoulder injuries can also occur on softball pitchers, as well as hip and Pain in the back The problem, Knox mentioned.

Buttocks and Hamstring injury Track and field can be a problem for athletes. Runners, long jumpers and high jumpers can get tendinitis or leg infections. StrainWhen sprinters mainly gain experience Hamstring injuryHe said.

Tennis elbow And shoulder problems are common among young tennis players because of how they move their racquets, but they are also at risk of ankle, knee and other lower extremity injuries, Knox warned.

A follow-up is important for young athletes Off-season program To deal with the limitations or impediments of mobility and stability, he emphasized.

“If you’re in a sport where you need a lot of overhead speed to throw, make sure your shoulder and shoulder blades have the right stability and mobility and you want to make sure the spine is moving properly,” Knox explained in a Baylor News release. . “There are a lot of little things you want to know about your form before the season starts so you can work on it in the off-season.”

Proper warm up and recovery is also important in injury Resistance.

If a young person is injured in sports, it is important to see a physical therapist as soon as possible, Knox said.

Give the body enough time to recover from the injury. To rebuild and heal properly, the injured body needs a certain amount of rest and adequate levels of resistance or load to repair.

“There must be the perfect combination of rest and Stress Knox said he was able to recover quickly and safely from the injury. They should be an athlete before they even think about returning to the game Pain– Free during painful movements after injury.

More info

American Academy of Pediatrics Offer Sports injury prevention tips.

Source: Baylor College of Medicine, Press Release, April 27, 2022

By Robert Pridt HealthDay Reporter

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