January 24, 2022

Some Things to Consider About American University of Health Sciences

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Some Things to Consider About American University of Health Sciences

Some Things to Consider About American
University of Health Sciences

Average Net Cost* American University of Health Sciences’ total annual budget, tuition and
room and board expenses for the 2018-2019 academic year was approximately $34,584. This is
9 percent more costly than the national average non-profit public four-year public liberal arts
school tuition of $26,963. In addition, the average cost of an American University of Health
Sciences’ education is over twice what it costs to attend a public university. In comparison, only
two other schools received scores that high in the “others” category.
* Open Enrollment Percentage: When comparing the cost of American University of Health
Sciences versus other colleges in the same major category, it is important to note that it has
consistently received high marks for its open enrollment percentage. The ratio of open
enrollment students to full time enrollment students is 2.1 times greater at American University
compared to the average of 3.5 times that ratio for all other schools. Other schools with high
percentages of open enrollment students include the University of Minnesota, Michigan State
University and George Washington University. For Bachelor of Science in Health sciences
students, American University is slightly lower with an open enrollment rate of 7.3%.
* National Ranking: For the United States, the medical science rankings of the American
University of Health Sciences are quite remarkable. It has consistently ranked first or second in
the annual Department of Education’s ranking of public colleges and universities. It ranks first in
the overall department of health sciences rankings, first in the overall ranking of the science
programs for undergraduate students and second in the overall ranking for the bachelor’s
programs. While there are other factors that contribute to these results, these factors certainly
help to explain why American University continues to be a highly attractive choice for many
students who are seeking a bachelor’s degree in the medical fields.
*911 Rankings: While there are many excellent options for graduates seeking jobs in the health
sciences, perhaps none are as highly regarded and highly sought after as American University.
The Department of Education’s 911 rankings list american universities in order from best to
worst for providing students with healthcare degrees. The university tops the list for Best Schools
nationwide, second best overall, and third best overall for the program types offered. The
university also tops the overall rankings for the most student-faculty ratios, student diversity,
faculty awards and faculty reputation.
*olonies: The Department of Education’s Rankings also place American universities in the top
ten for both graduates intending to go on to medical school and those intending to do research
in the field. Graduate employment is particularly competitive in the field, which is one of the few
areas of medicine that has seen an increase in job openings. This has led to an influx of new
professionals into the field, bringing better graduate rankings for the university. Both the
department of Health Services and the Division of General Internal Medicine ranked american
universities in the top five for best rankings in the 2021 rankings.
*Open Enrollment Programs: One of the advantages of choosing an American university over a
European or Asian university is the availability of better and more widespread open enrollment
programs. American universities have traditionally had much higher open enrollment rates,
meaning more people than ever before are able to enroll without having to wait years for an
open enrollment class schedule. As well as having better open enrollment programs, another
advantage of choosing American universities is that they are significantly less expensive than
their counterparts. A person looking at a hospital setting or healthcare field as their career option
will always be able to find a willing and competent physician to consult. This factor alone has
helped the medical fields maintain their high standing in the overall report.
*Proximity to Other High Ranking Institutions: One of the other major factors in determining
which American university you should choose is proximity to other esteemed healthcare
institutions. There are many different hospitals, clinics and specialty colleges located near
American colleges and universities, giving students the opportunity to spend less time studying
and more time getting a job in the healthcare field once they have graduated. Also, the United
States has traditionally been a major player on the global stage, meaning that you will have
access to an abundance of international medical professionals ready and willing to help with
your medical problems.
The University of Michigan, which recently became one of the top schools in the state, is ranked
as the #4 university in the entire world. Students can expect to earn a Doctorate degree in either
the Science of Medicine or in the field of Public Health, both of which have a high demand
among professionals around the world. Students looking for a completely open enrollment plan
should consider either the Dentistry or Public Health departments, as both departments have
extremely strong reputations. Many top universities from around the world have been identified
by the United States News and World Report as being very desirable and respected for their
excellent research programs and professors. For those who are interested in the Social
Sciences, Michigan’s Institute of Social Sciences is another ideal option. Located in Ann Arbor,
Michigan, this university offers over 40 programs in areas ranging from Criminal Justice to
Business and Law.

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