Services Offered by the Loudoun County Health Department

Loudoun County Health Department

Loudoun County Health Department offers various health-related services for the community. The Department provides comprehensive health-related information, conducts clinical research, and seeks out adverse health situations. The goal of the department is to promote community well-being, provide for public safety and protect the community from emergencies that threaten its existence.

Public Services

There are several different aspects of the department that provide services to the public. A large portion of the department’s budget goes towards administering community health programs and assisting public assistance such as low-income families with health programs. The department also offers assistance to people who have been injured due to a public accident. These services include free legal representation to victims of accidents involving cars and other vehicles as well as legal referrals to qualified medical providers for injuries resulting from public incidents.

Hospitals and Clinics

The county is home to many hospitals and clinics. These include two of the nation’s largest medical centers, the John Newton Regional Medical Center in Leesburg and the George Washington Hospital in Washington, D.C. Other nearby facilities offer a range of high-quality health services and free or low-cost health care. All these are operated by the Loudoun County Department of Family Services. The health department also provides employment to over 600 individuals, including nurses, physician assistants, paramedics, dental care technicians, pharmacy technicians, and administrative staff members.

primary purpose

The primary purpose of the department is to administer programs for persons of all ages living in the county, as well as offer assistance to the public in obtaining their healthcare needs. Among the many services the department provides to the public are enrollment in Medicaid and Medicare programs; identification and referral to primary care physicians; assistance with applying for financial aid for school, housing, and other needs; registration for immunizations; assistance with managing personal finances; assistance with locating social security numbers; and assistance with registering for children’s health care and child protective services. The department also coordinates and supports various community organizations, such as the AIDS Resource Center and the Alzheimer’s Association.

Public Health Mission

In keeping with its mission of promoting public health, the Loudoun County Health Department works to educate the public about a variety of topics related to health. Among the many activities, the department conducts are various seminars and round tables discussion sessions on various health topics, organized to help individuals learn more about the importance of maintaining a healthy lifestyle. For example, a recent round table discussion on alternative forms of healing included an education session on the benefits of massage. Other events have included a farmers’ market and free concerts at the county park.

Administers Medicaid

The county also administers Medicaid, providing low-income individuals with medical coverage. A number of health department counselors assist people who are eligible for Medicaid to sign up. According to the health department, the majority of clients in Loudoun County receive their medical assistance through the program.

Health Department

The health department also offers a number of different resources for those patients who are in need of other assistance. One of these resources includes the provision of information and education on domestic violence. Violence can take many forms, ranging from child abuse to family violence to sexual assault. Through the work of the domestic violence unit, clients can learn about the resources available to them in preventing this type of abuse.

 Summer Camp

Another area of emphasis for the health department is to prevent teen pregnancy. Through the promotion of teen motherhood, the department hopes to promote social justice and educational opportunities for children. Programs such as the “girls summer camp” allow mothers to participate in educational activities with other young girls, providing an environment in which to provide support and help for teen mothers. More specifically, the health department offers assistance to pregnant teens by offering classes in teen pregnancy and domestic violence. Clients may also find free counseling with regard to issues that affect their pregnancy and birth. The Loudoun County Public Health Office even has a domestic violence program that provides information and support to families that are struggling with domestic violence.

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