Serena Williams’s Abs Are On Full Display In This Bikini Video  

Not surprisingly, Serena Williams has been driven insane, and yet, when she showed off her steel abs in a recent Instagram post, the world collectively gasped – for good reason. with.

Williams, 38, recently shared some of his different shots in a cute blue bikini on his Instagram. There was one.Self boomerang video And her sister Venus is dancing on the yacht in a bikini, with the caption, “Yacht got time?”

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Naturally, her image was filled with the support of her fans, most of whom were terrified of her impressive six-pack.

"Category: BODY !!!!!!" One person wrote. Another added, "OK abs."Caroline Wozniacki, another professional tennis player like Williams, commented on her post. "That six pack !! : fire:: fire:: fire:"

Her six-pack wasn’t the only shot she shared. On Sunday, he showed off his legs in a rigorous yoga pose, proving that he is as flexible as he is strong.

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Williams works hard for the body he’s got. The tennis champion has an intense fitness routine that keeps him in top form in all his matches. Williams said earlier. Fitness Magazine She is passionate about her workouts and how she stays in shape.

“For me, it’s very important to combine that,” he said.“I ran, and then I rode the bike. Then I elliptical. It didn’t work so well, because it was boring, so I tried to do yoga. I started dancing because when I was sick. I couldn’t train. We started making tricks, and it was fun. Now I run for 10 minutes, and then I dance.

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Despite her incredible form, Williams says confidence does not always come easily, and she has spoken out in the past about criticism of her body, and how it has affected her self-esteem. Is. In July, it was featured on the cover of Williams Harper’s Bazaar Where he talked about accepting his body despite the criticism.

“I am called by every name in the book,” he told the publication. “I’m embarrassed by my body shape. I’ve been paid unequally because of my sex. I’ve been punished for one game in a major final because I expressed my opinion He spoke out loud … and these are the only things that people see.

She explained that her goal was to help other girls gain confidence in her body through her example.

“In short, it’s never been easier,” he said. “But then I think of the next girl to come along who looks like me, and I hope, ‘Maybe, maybe, my voice will help her.'”

Needless to say, Serena Williams deserves more partying on the yacht in a bikini than anyone else. End of discussion.

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