January 24, 2022

Quality Mental Health Care Services

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Quality Mental Health Care Services

Quality Mental Health Care Services

The mission of Crossing Rivers Health & Wellness Services is to offer quality health care
services that are focused on providing comprehensive access to advanced healthcare services
for all individuals and families in Wisconsin and throughout the upper Midwest. If you or
someone you love is in need of care, please contact them. They are a full service family care
agency. They have two main facilities in Wisconsin, one located in south central Wisconsin, and
the other in northeast Wisconsin.
The primary mission of Crossings Rivers Health & Wellness is to provide cost effective ways to
improve the quality of life for all who live and work in the four counties the agencies serve. They
are a full spectrum of services which include inpatient and outpatient care-inpatient and specialty
care; healthcare management and consulting; hospice; pharmacy assistance; dental care; and
primary care medical clinics. They also provide state licensed complementary and alternative
medicine specialists, psychologists, and physicians to help those who are struggling with mental
health issues and other medical concerns. Crossings Rivers Health & Wellness Services also
works with regional communities and government entities to provide access to quality health
The primary mission of the Crossings Rivers Health & Wellness Services organization is to
make sure people are healthy and safe. They offer comprehensive services to patients in south
central Wisconsin, northeast Iowa, and northwest Wisconsin. The first goal of the organization is
to make sure they meet all the needs of their patients. The secondary goal is to make sure each
patient has a positive and productive experience. By meeting their primary mission and working
towards improving the quality of life for their patients, Crossings Rivers Health & Wellness
Services works hard to become a successful, economical way possible for all those in our
communities to get the healthcare and maintenance they need.
The organization provides a variety of treatment options to address each patient’s individual
health care needs. All Crossings Rivers Health & Wellness Services psychiatric facilities have
been carefully selected to meet the standards of the respected Association of Independent
Clinical Nursing Homes (AICH). They offer state of the art technology, high quality and low cost
patient care, and a highly trained staff to compliment an already outstanding work environment.
Because mental health is the most prevalent problem in our communities, Crossings Rivers has
developed a specialized staff to focus on mental health and therapeutic services for all those in
their community.
In collaboration with several private hospitals in the area, the Crossings Rivers Health &
Wellness Services provides a full range of specialty care services to address all types of patient
care needs. Their psychiatric and behavioral health center offers in patient and in-house
outpatient services to cater to all types of people in all walks of life. Offsite treatment is also
available at the psychiatric facility. At our Crossings Rivers psychiatric facility, we strive to offer
the highest level of personalized patient care while promoting comprehensive wellness in all our
patient populations. The specialty centers at Crossings Rivers are committed to providing the
highest levels of patient care while concurrently providing innovative and effective specialty care
The psychiatric and behavioral health clinic at the Crossings Rivers Healthcare System is
committed to offering the latest in comprehensive specialty care for those who live and work
here in Wisconsin. As one of only two full campuses of the Crossings Rivers Mental Health Care
System in the entire country, this mental health care clinic prides itself on its commitment to
providing comprehensive primary and specialty care. Our mission is to change lives through
education and training, while preparing them for self-recovery. The Wisconsin Psychological
Association and the American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry Association both
recognize Crossings Rivers as an exemplary mental health practice.
For additional information on our mental health clinics in the state of Wisconsin, call us or visit
our website. Our award winning patient care services offer a variety of psychological and
psychiatric specialty care for patients with various illnesses and conditions. These services
encompass primary care, specialty care and emergency services. As a part of our Prairie Du
Chien Family Practice, we strive to provide the most personalized patient care in an atmosphere
that is supportive and safe. All our doctors are highly trained and certified and our facility is
dedicated to providing the highest level of patient care while combining innovation and
excellence. The patient satisfaction rate is over ninety percent.
In addition to our psychiatric and behavioral health care services, we also provide a
comprehensive community health center for families and individuals. For our adults inpatient
population, we offer a fully licensed detoxification center, residential treatment and detoxification
unit, a walking clinic, pharmacy, and nutrition center. Our food services offer daily meals at the
wellness center and a professional dietitian and personal trainer for in-house nutrition therapy.
For our children, we offer after-school educational programs, summer camp activities, sports
camps and enrichment programs, and a child care program

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