Peak Vista Community Health Centers: Providing a Comprehensive Range of Well Child Waiting and General Medical Care

Peak Vista Community

Peak Vista Community Health Centers was founded in 1971 by a man named Royalties D. Roederer. The purpose of this community was to provide health services for middle-class families in the mountains of Colorado. Today, there are several Pikes Peak Vista communities, each with its own unique culture, attitude, and priorities. Yet all are bound by one mission: to provide high-quality health care to all who seek it.

The organization is led by elected officials like Rocky Mountain county commissioner Mark H Keller and county judge Thomas Hinkle. The annual Breakfast Event features musical entertainment while special events such as the annual Upward Living Program benefit the annual breakfast. The program benefits the children of the community by providing them with educational classes in math, art, physical education, foreign languages, science, and history. Other events include an annual Youth Leadership Awards with local celebrities.

Health Centers

At the annual breakfast, guests meet with Colorado Springs area doctors who will discuss issues facing the population in the upcoming year. These conversations provide information on how to make the most of what resources we already have in place, where new opportunities exist, and what we can do together to improve the quality of life. In addition to the official dialogue between patients and doctors, the event offers an opportunity for community members to engage in conversation with other individuals they meet at the event. During the program, Colorado Springs residents share stories of recovery and examine how their community has helped or hindered them. Many also talk about the challenges that they face regarding various health conditions such as diabetes, substance abuse, obesity, and mental health. The goal of the program is to foster a sense of ownership over wellness in the community.

Ambulatory Health Care Clinic

Throughout the day, the Ambulatory Health Care clinic serves clients with walk-in care, inpatient care, and emergency room visits. First patient orientation begins at 7:30 am. The program aims to create awareness among residents that there is a crisis waiting for them, whether it is a heart attack stroke, or chronic pain. For each patient, the program develops a personalized, comprehensive health care plan that addresses his or her specific needs. Upon the first visit, the program trains health care providers to be aware of the unique needs of each patient so that appropriate treatment can be offered.

Peak Vista community health centers

When the first visitor arrives at the Peak Vista community health centers’ emergency room, the staff is prepared to address his needs immediately. The emergency room staff is led by clinical management and trauma specialist professionals. From this point, patients are transferred to the intensive care unit. An assessment system is used to determine the patient’s condition based on the severity of symptoms and the physical characteristics that help to identify him as a particular health problem category.

Trained Nurses

From this point, the patient can be transferred to an inpatient facility or can be treated on his own at home. During the evening, the fully licensed, fully trained, licensed and bonded nurses and dentists perform in-person patient care services. The fully licensed and trained nurses provide routine medical care and emotional support to the patients while in the hospital. In addition, the nonprofit organization provides preventative care programs such as immunizations and screenings. The nonprofit also coordinates with the County of Las Cruces and other local government agencies to ensure quality patient care and service.

Medical Services

The nonprofit also counsels parents, caregivers, and children about their well-being, education and development, and other issues that affect their lives. The community health centers offer a full range of general medical services. Among these services are the physical examination and diagnostic tests, blood pressure, cholesterol levels, electrocardiogram, imaging studies, and laboratory tests for serious diseases. In addition, the organization offers counseling services to families, adolescents, and children. The counselors help families and children identify the risks and help them develop healthy lifestyles.

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