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Thielen Health Center

The Thielen Health Center in Leiden is a clinic for women that are afraid to get pregnant. Its main function is to help women that have problems with their birth control or who are having trouble with their menstrual cycle. Among its services is the distribution of emergency contraceptives. It also gives out vasectomy supplies and helps women get birth control pills. This article will discuss the reasons why you should visit this health center.

The Thielen Health Center in Leiden offers free pregnancy testing supplies and free vasectomy supplies to clients who need them. Pregnancy testing kits include the three main tests used for fertility care: programs, digital ultrasounds, and hysterical ping programs. These tests are all offered at discounted prices when you bring your own
pregnancy test or when you apply for admission at the Thielen Health Center.


Other services offered at the clinic include free pregnancy testing supplies, including basal body reactivity, cervical fluid cytology, and in-depth studies on the uterus, ovaries, fallopian tubes, and cervix. There are also STD and HIV tests available. There are two doctors on staff at the clinic offering a variety of reproductive health-related services.

The Leiden County

The Leiden County Public Health Department has an extended cooperative agreement with Thielen Health Center. A portion of each pregnancy test purchase comes from this cooperative effort. In addition to the cooperative agreement between the Leiden County Public Health Department and the Thielen Health Center, the city facilities that house the Leiden City facilities also offer discounted STD and HIV testing at the city facilities and STD clinics around the county.

The city of Leiden

The city of Leiden offers three maternity centers. Planned Parenthood of the Hudson Valley offers special baby showers and expectant mother websites. They also offer a full range of reproductive health services including pregnancy testing and free ultrasound imaging. The only other major source of public maternity care in the area is the New Jersey Women’s Centers, which partner with several other women’s centers across the state. About half of all pregnancies in the state are unplanned, and almost half of those are carried to term.

Planned Parenthood affiliates itself with several other providers of reproductive health care in the Hudson Valley area. One of these is the Thielen Health Center. The other provider is the Hudson Valley Family Planning Center. Both of them offer same-day or next-day delivery. Most of their patients are single women who want a simple birth control plan or an adoption bundle.

Leiden Center

About a mile from the storefront of the Leiden Center is the Thielen Health Center, which also partners with the New Jersey Family Planning Association. At the center, a patient may be able to get a birth control prescription at the drugstore across the street from the front door and have that prescription refilled by the attending physician at the center. Several physicians have additional experience working with women who are pregnant and want to become pregnant.

HIV positive

The only other publicly funded AIDS program in the state is the Thielen Health Center’s sponsored AIDS Project. A man who is HIV positive has the option of taking an AIDS course at the center, which offers the sex counseling that is necessary for anyone sexually active. Racey said that he saw more than one hundred newly diagnosed HIV-positive people this past weekend. Of those, about half were pregnant. Since most of the new diagnoses were in couples, clinics like the Thielen Health Center try to find the best possible care for the mom and the babies as soon as they are born

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