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Navitus Health Solutions PPO Plan

Navitus Health Solutions

Navitus Health Solutions is a small independent, private firm based in Toronto. Navitus Health Solutions is a direct selling organization that sells pharmaceuticals and healthcare products to consumers. It is one of many pharmacy benefit companies in Canada. Navitus has three main product lines; pharmacy, nutritional supplements, and personal wellness.

Customer Service

Navitus is a direct selling pharmacy benefit company committed to providing superior customer service, excellent value, and helping people find affordable health care. The company works to build a strong, lasting partnership between pharmacists and direct-selling pharmacies. Pharmacy benefit companies are engaged in developing and implementing new strategies for providing superior customer service, enhancing the experience of patients in getting their medications filled, and increasing sales by effectively lowering drug costs. Navitus works closely with these types of companies to work toward developing products and strategies that will make it easier and more cost-effective for pharmacists to provide services and enhance the overall experience of customers in getting their prescriptions filled.


Navitus health solutions provide its customers with several opportunities to reduce unnecessary costs. One of these opportunities is the implementation of a prescription drug benefit program called “the pharmacy benefit plan”. This program offers individuals and families a choice between deductibles, copays, and any number of other options that will contribute to the cost of taking medications. By reducing unnecessary costs, Navitus helps its customers save money. Another opportunity provided by Navitus is the implementation of an “all-risk” or”standard” managed care physician contract. This contract significantly reduces the costs associated with medical services provided by non-physician health professionals such as chiropractors and physical therapists.


Other Navitus health solutions benefits include providing excellent, easy-to-use online medication guidance, online health management training, and pharmaceutical assistance. Many of the online programs offered by this company help patients manage their out-of-pocket expenses for prescription drugs, while they improve their overall health. This is because the medications are coordinated with diet and exercise, medical advice is given, and proper stress management techniques are employed.


There are several types of plans provided by this pharmacy benefit management company. The “standard” plan sponsored by Navitus Health Solutions consists of three unique options: the “standard” plan (also known as the Blue Pass plan), the “Blue Master Plan”, and the “customer-based” option. These three options all provide patients with similar benefits, but the Blue Pass Plan and the Blue Master Plan significantly differ in several ways. In this article, we’ll take a look at the differences between these two plans.

The standard

“The standard” Navitus health solution plan provides the highest coverage for prescription drugs. It also offers additional benefits such as vision and dental plans, life insurance plans, and disability income. Furthermore, all services are coordinated with your primary care physician. The standard plan is best for patients who need only a few services from a primary care physician and who can afford to pay the high premiums that come with it.

Blue Master

The “blue master” plan gives you the flexibility to choose the type of provider that suits your needs best. You can select a network provider within the Navitus health solutions network, which means that most of your out-of-pocket expenses will be absorbed by the Navitus health solutions network. Additionally, this plan provides a lower premium than the standard plan and is more expensive to join. This plan may also have a higher copayment amount for out-of-network prescriptions, but it provides additional benefits such as a prescription drug benefit, the”green” benefits, and pharmacy discount cards.


Lastly, the “customer-based” plan allows you to set up payments using any major credit card, as well as set up a direct deposit and automatic deposits. This plan allows you to obtain the maximum benefit from the Navitus health solutions prescription drug benefit. This plan offers the lowest premiums and has the greatest prescription drug benefit available. Navitus health solutions have plans that provide 24-hour customer support so that you can easily get in touch.

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