January 20, 2022

Mention Your Clean Bill Health to Get Rid of an Infectious Disease

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Mention Your Clean Bill Health to Get Rid of an Infectious Disease

Mention Your Clean Bill Health to Get Rid of
an Infectious Disease

For those who travel to far off lands, it may be difficult to understand the significance of a clean
bill of health. However, for those who know sailing, the importance of cleanliness is an obvious
fact. In case of any ship on sea, the medical equipment would be in top condition as it is only in
this way that health problems can be avoided. If there were no medical facilities, the number of
crew and passengers would fall drastically. This is why the Navy takes care of its crew by
ensuring that they are fit and healthy. Hence, it is of prime importance for sailors to maintain a
clean bill of health.
A clean bill of health is important not only for the sailors but also for the doctors who visit them.
It’s not just a simple statement but is actually a proof of confirmation that everything is okay with
regards to the health of your crew members. The clean bill of health in sailing however is
prescribed by the consulate of a foreign country in which the ship is heading. You must make it a
point to visit such a consulate if you intend visiting that part of the world. As soon as you get
there, ensure that you inform the consul of all the necessary information about you and your ship
so that he can carry out a proper check on you and your health. Such a check can be done by
taking your own doctor along with you or by getting someone who has knowledge about the local
However, a clean bill of health is very difficult to maintain in a foreign land as opposed to one at
home. As soon as you land up in your new country, you would have to report to the local police
immediately. Also, you would have to declare all the necessary details about yourself. This is
quite a cumbersome process. Hence, it is better if you could prepare a single sheet of medical
report for yourself which could be easily filled in and furnished at any time.
In spite of all this, there are certain things which you must not forget to include in your report.
The list should start with the name of your doctor, followed by the name of your doctor’s
institution, followed by the medical school from which you are undergoing training, followed by
the date of your last examination, followed by your address, city, State and Country. The next
thing on the list should be the complete name of your physician, followed by his telephone
number and his fax number.
Another important point to include in the report is the cause of your ailment. If your ailment was
because of some accident which could not be traced back, then simply mentioning the name of
the accident will not serve any purpose. In such a case, it would be proper to mention the
diagnosis made by the doctor after which the cause for your ailment was determined. Similarly, if
your doctor said that you had appendicitis, then you would definitely not want to hear that the
cause of appendicitis was infection of tonsil. You would want to know the actual cause.
After all these point have been cleared, the next step should be how well you are progressing. A
clean bill of health should be able to show you good physical condition and this can only be
possible if your doctor has been able to notice any changes in your physical condition during the
course of your treatment. The report should also mention whether you had undergone any new
treatment or not. If there have been any serious treatment taken for your condition, then the
report should mention the name of the doctor who administered those treatments.
The next step should be how well your clean bill of health is progressing. This can only be
possible if the doctor has actually been able to monitor your progress carefully and report back
to you on a regular basis. If you have been prescribed medication or other medical treatment,
then the doctor should mention this fact in your report. Similarly, if you have undergone any
major treatment, then the doctor should mention this as well.
The last but not the least important step for reporting the progress of your clean bill health is that
you should mention the name of the person who had come into contact with you and how did
that person come into contact with you. Mentioning the name of the other person will help the
doctor in tracing the real source of infection and thereby will save his or her life someday.
Mentioning this particular detail is an important requirement to monitor the cleanliness of the
medical facility. Mentioning these details will help you to get rid of the problem of being infected
with an infectious disease

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