Iskra Lawrence's Latest Post Will Help Anyone Feeling Triggered by the Holidays Cope

Iskra Lawrence is open about her past struggles with random eating, and now she has an important message for those who may be going through the same thing.

In a clear new Instagram post, Lawrence shared a photo of herself as she struggled with a potentially random meal. In the caption, Lawrence said the holidays can be a particularly difficult time for those trying to cope with things like eating disorders and body aches.

The British model wrote, “Congratulations on my love.” It can also be difficult for people who do not have a family or find it difficult to make friends and get along. For all of you who feel isolated and alone I see you and I send my love.

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She says, “You’ve got it. And your health always comes first. It doesn’t matter if you have a decision and check-up, if it’s difficult to recover at this time of year, then you Will pass and hope.

Lawrence then talked about his health journey. “I am so thankful to be in the sweetest place of my life in every way and I don’t want you to think that it happened quickly or easily or overnight,” he wrote.

He explained that rehabilitation is a process. “Like every relationship and journey it takes time but you deserve your love and you will never forget that you are here for some reason,” he wrote. “Your goal is to become you and that is it and it will always be enough.”

Lawrence, who is pregnant with her first child, attended. Another recent post That she is feeling grateful on many fronts. “I have never been so grateful in all my life. I do not and will not take motherhood seriously,” she said. “I am sending love to all mothers and those who have angelic children. Are All bodies are magical and deserve our admiration, celebration and love.

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