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Is Cold Water Good After Exercise? Benefits of Hydration

Is cold water good after exercise?

Cold water lowers your core body temperature and helps reduce your heart rate which improves your exercise performance and recovery.

Increase with your core body temperature Exercise. Cooling your body during breaks and after you finish exercising Exercise The session is very important. Drinking Cold Water will help cool your core temperature after a good workout.

Experts recommend cold water Is rapidly absorbed from the intestineWhich will help Quickly restore hydration.

What happens if you drink cold water during and after exercise?

When doing high-intensity exercise, you must keep yourself well hydrated. With increased physical activity, your core body temperature rises. As a defensive mechanism, you get started Sweat.

Sweat It may seem unpleasant or unwanted, but it helps keep you cool as it evaporates from your skin. However, the cause of excessive sweating Dehydration, Which leads to various unwanted complications. Therefore, you must rehydrate yourself by drinking water. Otherwise, your body will dehydrate, resulting in various physical consequences.

  • Cold water not only lowers your body temperature but also helps to reduce it Heart Rate that improves your exercise performance and recovery.
  • As the body temperature rises you feel tired and your performance decreases.
  • Studies have shown that if you drink cold water while exercising, you are less likely to become dehydrated and you will be able to exercise for longer periods of time without feeling tired.

However, it is not necessary that your water should be cold; You can even drink room temperature water while exercising. It is not the temperature of the fluid but the continuity of fluid intake that plays a major role in the rehydration of the body.

How does dehydration affect your body when you exercise?

Dehydration Can be painful Muscle obstruction, Which is another consequence of high-intensity exercise. Especially if you drink enough water ElectrolytesIt will protect you from it Muscle obstruction.

Water is very important for controlling various physical activities. You need to get the right fluids to perform these activities while exercising:

  • Controlling your body temperature
  • Supporting muscle movements
  • Maintaining blood volume

Dehydration leads to the following:

ConfusionMuscle WeaknessAnd Loss of consciousness Symptoms of severe dehydration that require immediate treatment.

What happens to your body after a post-exercise cold water shower?

With exercise, your muscles swell and swell and you can feel it Pain, Especially if you are a beginner. A cold shower helps relieve Muscle painHelps reduce swelling, and discomfort and inflammation caused by heat. Scientists believe that a cold shower is more helpful in treating micro-tears caused by exercise than a hot shower.

A cold water bath after exercise helps in recovery.

There is a new concept called “recovery shower”, which means taking a bath with alternate temperatures of cold and hot water after exercise. Some studies have shown that this type of shower has better results in cooling the body than just a cold water bath.


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The effect of a cold drink during an exercise session combines both strength and energy system development training on core temperature and performance markers:

Is it better to drink cold water while exercising?

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