Influencer Poses in Underwear to Show Off Her Butt—and Prove Cellulite Is Normal and Beautiful

Flaws and butts with flawless airbrushes are very common in advertisements and commercials, it is not surprising that many women see cellulite as an ugly and unusual thing. But influencers like it. Danny MercerTrying to change that thinking – and posting nude photos to prove that cellulite is perfectly normal and there is nothing to be ashamed of.

Dubai-based journalist and blogger Mercer shared a video of himself on Instagram on Saturday. In the clip, she is posing in red underwear, her legs and butt in the front and in the middle for the camera.

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“I wish I had seen more bodies like mine when I was younger. I wish I could see more shapes with stretch marks and dimples and thin bits and soft bits,” he wrote in his caption. “I wish I could see more women competing stronger than SKINNY. Complete instead of HALVES. Health instead of hunger.”

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Mercer added that she wants more women to understand that cellulite is not only natural, but also beautiful.

"So yes I wish I could see another body like mine when I was younger" He continued. "But I am so thankful that we are now beginning to see the whole incredible rainbow of corpses."

Mercer concluded his message on his video by writing, "Together with a community of women to celebrate all the things that make us great human beings. This is for us – absolutely incomplete and everything." 

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This is not the first time Mercer has gone on social media to talk about physical positivity. She has gained over 43K followers by sharing unmodified clips of her body and promoting self-love in all her posts. The former editor covers topics such as stretch marks, bad bulges, and bloating that resonate with his followers, who leave positive and grateful comments on his page.

Needless to say, people are liking its positivity – and hopefully more real women will reject airbrush images and embrace the natural beauty of women’s bodies.

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