January 24, 2022

How To Protect Yourself And Your Family

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How To Protect Yourself And Your Family

How To Protect Yourself And Your Family

Recently, the Darke County Health Department sent a letter to all private water systems and
requested a sample of the disinfection byproducts they create during disinfection. Specifically,
the letter stated that those byproducts are a threat to public health and safety, because while
they cannot be seen, smelled or tasted they are present in significant enough quantities to
cause illness. Public health officials have been focusing their attention on the growth of E coli in
rural areas of eastern Kentucky and western Virginia since approximately twenty-five years ago.
The problem was blamed on the stagnant state of the soil and lack of effective disinfection
methods for decades.
Now that the sample has been obtained, and the health department has reviewed it, they will be
releasing the letter to each individual household in Darke County who may use the private water
system. Anyone notifying their local health department about possible lead poisoning need not
take the sample home for testing. Instead, they need to send it along to the nearest certified
testing facility. Once there, the professionals can determine if there is a real threat to public
health and safety, or if the sample is showing a false positive – which would indicate some level
of lead poisoning.
So, what is the threat? According to the Darke County Health Department, that threat is the
byproduct of the C covid-19 vaccine commonly used in immunizations. Specifically, the virus that
causes smallpox, rubella, and chicken pox can be present in the blood of un-vaccinated
individuals. However, the health department says that the appropriate means of protection can
be quickly provided to prevent outbreaks.
They say that the health department has advised all vaccination providers to provide appropriate
documentation to individuals prior to administering the C covid-19 vaccine. Those who may be
inclined to obtain the vaccine on their own may obtain the proper documentation from their
physician, but the health department encourages vaccination regardless. If un vaccinated, a
pharmacist can also provide assistance with obtaining the needed documentation.
The county health department says that all residents should be aware of this notice, and they
recommend vaccination be done at the primary health care provider. This person would be the
primary care provider in the case of a secondary outbreak. However, should a primary care
provider fail to provide valid consent for vaccination, the vaccination could be denied. Those
without valid consent will not be permitted to receive the vaccination. Therefore, everyone
should be advised to obtain the vaccination, even those without a valid consent.
The primary health care provider would be the doctor. For those without health insurance, or
those who are ineligible for vaccination, the clinic or office can provide a vaccination shot. For
those insured individuals, the clinic or office can offer an alternative means to receiving the
vaccination. In the event that vaccination is refused, the clinic or office can also give out the
vaccination shots to individuals who have already received them.
Because ticks are known carriers of many diseases, the county health department recommends
that everyone have a yearly check-up. This is to alert anyone who may live in an area that has
high incidence of ticks. Anyone can apply for a free health check-up through the state health
department. This is also a great way to prevent disease and illness.
To prevent ticks from finding a home in your household, there are several things that can be
done. Individuals living in the rural areas should always be sure to trim down bushes and trees
that surround their homes. A healthy forest and lawn are very important for ticks to find a home.
If you are in an area where there are a lot of pests or rodents, the lawn and forest are likely
places they would seek shelter. The last thing any homeowner wants is a nest of rodents or
pests within their home. If you are unsure of whether or not your property has a tick problem, the
Darke County Health Department can assist with determining the best way to deal with it

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