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How Can I Make My Non-dominant Side Stronger? 4 Exercises

How can I strengthen my non-core aspect?

Having a non-mainstay can lead to an imbalance of strength and coordination. Here are some tips to help you strengthen your non-core aspects

Most people have a dominant aspect or one aspect of the body that they use more than the other. One downside, however, is the imbalance of strength and coordination that can limit your ability to function. Fortunately, You can strengthen your non-core aspects with a few strategic exercises.

4 exercises to strengthen your non-major aspects

1. Weight training

If you use free weights, switch from dumbbells to barbells to engage your non-core muscles.

2. Bench press

Bench presses focus on both the pectoral, shoulder and triceps sets and force them to work together, which can help strengthen your non-mainstream side.

3. One-sided exercise

One-sided exercise involves the movement of a single arm or leg. This allows you to focus most of your attention on your non-core to strengthen the muscles.

Low-impact, unilateral low-body exercises include:

  • Side lounge
  • Forward lounge
  • Backward lounge
  • Single-legged or “pistol” squat
  • Box step up

Unilateral upper body exercises include:

  • Single-arm dumbbells shoulder pressure or lateral lift
  • Single hand row or chest pressed
  • Single-arm standing dumbbell row
  • Single-arm triceps extension and bicep curl

4. Plyometric exercises

Plyometric exercises can be included in unilateral exercises. Start with low-intensity exercise and gradually move to higher-intensity exercise.

One-sided lower-body plyometric drills include:

  • Single-leg push-off (lower)
  • Lateral push-off (lower)
  • Lateral Box Jump (Medium)
  • Jump Split Squat (Medium)
  • Single leg vertical jump (high)
  • Single-legged bald jump (high)

Initially complete a set of repetitions with your non-main direction and then move on to your dominant direction. For example, if your left side is non-main, set 3 using your left side and set 2 using your right side.

Medical has been reviewed 3/17/2022


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