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Health Mate Infrared Sauna Reviews – Buyer’s Guide

Health Mate

The Health Mate brand of the sauna was designed and developed by a group of scientists. who designed it so that you can have a healthier lifestyle through sweating. The Health Mate brand has been incorporated into different health clubs all over the world, and a great deal of Health Mate products are now available on the Internet as well. It is an excellent alternative to having to visit the gym regularly. However, Health Mate is not a weight loss product.

Health Mate sauna

You might be wondering why the Health Mate sauna uses far-infrared light rather than electric light. Far Infrared Wave Heater or FIR heat the air by forcing short wave bursts of infrared light through it. If we take a close look at the body, it is clear that heat does not rise to the skin. Rather, heat rises to the topmost layer of the skin and remains there. Hence, FIR burns the upper layers of the skin without directly heating the body’s underlying layers. A far
infrared sauna operates in much the same way, without burning the body directly.

Health Mate Sauna Differs

Another way the Health Mate sauna differs from other infrared sauna models is that it does not use energy sources such as electricity to generate its heat. Rather, it uses the body’s energy to heat the air surrounding the user. The Health Mate’s patented Far Infrared Wave Heater generates a wave of infrared radiation similar to that which human eyes can see when looking into a fireplace. By using this same technology, Health Mate’s far infrared heaters heat the air around the user without increasing the user’s core body temperature.

Health Sauna Heaters

It is important to understand that no matter what the labeled “green” or “natural” chemicals in health sauna heaters may be, they are still chemical-based. Any time you purchase any type of chemical, you are making a chemical and air change that ends up in your daily surroundings. As a result, you need to be very careful about the types of chemicals that you use in your home and if you use sauna heaters, make sure you choose one that uses a chemical infrared heater.
The health of you and your family is worth the little bit of extra effort in this area. The Health Mate sauna comes standard with an acrylic canopy for added shade and a glass door with a non-stick coating for added safety. The Health Mate comes standard with several standard colors and a nice trim on the side. It is also available in several different sizes and models, so it is easily customizable according to your specific needs. You may choose on several different sizes of benches that allow you to customize your experience. The benches are made of high-density foam and they are available in several different styles and colors. They are extremely comfortable and they help you relax while you soak your cares away.

Sauna Experience

If you would like to add a little bit of something to your sauna experience, why not add some Cedar? Cedar can add both color and aroma to your sauna and it also helps to insulate your body from the heat of the sauna. There are two main kinds of cedar to choose from, standard and western red cedar.

Health Mate infrared sauna

One nice feature of the Health Mate infrared sauna is that it can emit a high heat that is extremely effective for detoxifying your body. The high heat of the Health Mate infrared sauna is emitted by a high-quality quartz infrared light tube that also emits a pleasant scent. It is very easy to operate and the health mate infrared sauna also comes with a deluxe manual that explains all of the features and functions of the Health Mate Sauna.

The Health Mate infrared sauna comes complete with an evaporator and a pre-heater. The evaporator will help to draw the moisture in so that it does not moisture to the surrounding air, which can be unhealthy. The pre-heater will help to get the heat to where it is most effective, which will keep you comfortable. The health Mate infrared space heater is equipped with an aluminum foil liner and stainless steel base. It also has interiors that are completely vapor proof and you do not need a vapor extractor.

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