Health Conversion Mod and Why It Doesn’t Work


Ever since the release of the” Horizons” update, a lot of people are asking me what’s new in the game’s health system. I can’t help but compare the health system of previous and current versions of the game. The thing is when you first get a player model, his or her health is set at 100. It doesn’t change while using mods or equipping gear and weapons. So, why is there so much discussion about this health system?

Health Conversion

Well, some people have noticed that health conversion is very slow in the game compared to all the other systems. This is because the game doesn’t have an automated system to handle health conversions. Health Conversion is a system that, once implemented correctly, should be able to give players higher health boosts without too much downtime. Since the game hasn’t got one yet, health conversion players have been looking for an optimization that could make their health bar regenerate health faster. Luckily for them, inaros+broken scopes and health conversion mod came to the rescue. To understand the reason why health conversion was so poor in 1 day ago, let’s take a look at the code that underlies the whole system:

Health Orb

There are only 8 health orbs in every single mission in the game. These health orbs are given to the player after each mission and serve as the currency for most of the in-game items and Warframes. When a player enters a mission, they start with one health orb. The number of health orbs that are on the map at any given time is displayed in the top right corner of your screen. For example, if the mission you’re on has you collecting three health orbs during it, the number of health orbs that are on the map will be three. However, if you were to run into an enemy while on the way to the objective and you didn’t collect any health, you would still have three health orbs, but since you had two objectives to complete, you would probably do these objectives anyway, resulting in you collecting two health orbs, and no enemy or boss health.

 players Interest

This is what makes it frustrating for many players: as soon as you get the objective done, you have to go back to the map, collect two more health orbs, then run back to the objective area, collect three more health orbs, and so on. This goes on. For this reason, we needed a way to automate this process, and the answer was – the Broker Stacking buff. With the help of this mod, you can now stack up to thirty health Orbs on your frame instantly. This is a great buff that helps any Tennone warrior who’s looking to improve his or her stacking potential.

It’s hard enough to do regular missions, especially the tougher ones. Imagine being on a mission where the objective is to kill a boss and you have a boss that has a powerful attack that takes a lot of damage, takes a lot of health, and requires lots of energy to defeat. Since it’s an enemy, you’ll be taking damage every few seconds, and it doesn’t make things any easier if the enemy has a shield. You might think taking all that damage and not getting any health is a good idea. Well, with the Broker Stacking buff you can have a quick refill on your energy bar, and when you need to fight another enemy it will come ready to help.

Health Conversion Mod

It took us a lot of searching to find these mods, but we found them. Now you know why the health conversion mod and why it doesn’t work. You can get the two mods together to save some money. They aren’t the cheapest mods out there, but they do pay for themselves pretty fast.

If you like this mod you can also get the two mods in the same bundle. For just a little more money you can get a third mod which gives a 10% buff to all health and shields. That makes a lot of sense, you take health and shields down a bit faster, you don’t get hit as often, and the enemies take less damage. They won’t last long either. Since we know what’s going on with the enemy health bar you should notice that their health bar has decreased a lot

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