January 24, 2022

Health Center Offers a Multicultural Experience to Students

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Health Center Offers a Multicultural Experience to Students

Health Center Offers a Multicultural
Experience to Students

Why Take CPR or First aid training from the Cal Poly Health Center, also known as the Blue
Cross Club? The Cal Poly Health Center has a sizzling new program that will begin this fall. The
goal of the CPR/First Aid program is to ensure that we are always aware of the latest advances
in first aid, and that we have the necessary information needed to help those in need.
How do we get access to these helpful resources, whether it’s through a website or a mentoring
program? The Cal Poly Health Center has many different web resources including a large
section on campus life that includes many clubs, activities and events. In addition, the center
boasts a large student affairs office where you can contact directly for any questions or concerns
you may have. It is located in room 7BC, between the Academic Village and the Dental Services
Building. The front desk staff is very knowledgeable and helpful. Even if you don’t have a lot of
time to spend online, the knowledge and guidance you receive from this staff will make visiting
the Health Center and getting involved easier.
The vaccine required for students in the Health Center for three years after graduation is the
mumps, which is highly contagious. There have been several recent outbreaks of mumps in the
California State University area and throughout the University. By having a student mentor, you
gain the vital experience and knowledge that can help lead to proper immunization procedures
at the health center.
The Cal Poly Health Center’s vaccine program is administered by the Pacific Health Institute.
For individuals who did not receive their recommended second dose of the flu shot as part of the
Picking Up the Medicine or immunizations program, there is an option to receive the vaccine inthe house through a short course that addresses influenza immunization. Students who choose to
enroll in this class are advised that they should not take the first dose of the Prevacid or covid19 vaccine during the year they first begin classes. If they do, they should return to the office to
get the second dose on campus.
Those students who did not receive their first dose of the flu vaccine may be able to be given the
flu shot at the Health Center on campus. This vaccine is called the Cervarix vaccine, and is
made by the GlaxoSmithKline pharmaceutical company. Students in the College of Pharmacy
can also be given the flu shot in the fall, but should return to the office to receive the vaccine on
campus. Those students who forget to get their flu shot may still receive the vaccine by signing
up for the Cal Poly Health Center’s immunization course. Students need to be enrolled in the
course by the summer of their senior year in order to be eligible for the vaccine.
On campus, there are a number of organizations and services that cater to students with
different ethnic backgrounds. Some offer special programs for those who may not be familiar
with the United States. The Cal Poly Health Center offers a Spanish speaking advising service
for students who may need extra assistance with pronunciation or grammar. The Center for
Multicultural Education and Consulting Services at the Health Center also offers mentoring
programs and an equal opportunity recruitment policy. These services are offered to all students,
regardless of their background or ethnicity.
In addition to the academic and professional counseling services offered by the Health Center,
they also have support services for students who may need additional support in their
endeavors. The Counseling Services Program helps students who may be struggling with
academic and behavioral issues. Students can register for free counseling online, and can talk to
a licensed social worker for a free, non-obligatory assessment. This assessment will help identify
a problem area, and students can then work with a licensed counselor on various aspects of
their life that they feel may be causing the stress. Counselors can then develop a customized
program to meet the needs of the individual client.
For any client that wishes to utilize the health center’s counseling services, he/she should make
sure that they are in a comfortable, peaceful, and safe setting. If someone feels uncomfortable
talking to a counselor, they should immediately seek help from another campus community
resource worker. The health center strives to support clients who have an ethnic background
that differs greatly from the rest of the population

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