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Four Day Spa Package At Imperial Health Spa

Imperial Health Spa

The Imperial Health Spa prides itself on giving its customers a healthy, luxurious spa experience at affordable prices. Imperial Health Spa’s goal is to offer you the best quality service and product in addition to providing world-class facilities and staff. During your stay, you will be pampered with the best-trained staff in the industry, given state-of-the-art treatments, and offered access to one of the most comprehensive gift shops in town. At Imperial Health Spa, it’s how you get healthy:

Step One

Step one: Get completely covered. At Imperial Health Spa, this isn’t how you get healthy: step two: lie on a cold, vinyl-covered exam table as a middle-aged, bra-and-pants-clad female systematically sloughs away dead flaky skin from every angle with a Brillo pad-like scrubbing implement. As she does, she smiles encouragingly at you. You can almost feel her warm energy radiating from the inside of your skin as she delves deep tissue and lipoblast techniques. Once done, you’ll be instructed to climb into the massage chair, where a trained masseur will apply special creams and lotions as well as work soothing strokes into your muscles until you feel like a million bucks.

Step two

Step two: Enjoy the plush surroundings and the soothing sounds of flowing water as you relax on one of the two outdoor saunas at the Jade Room. Jade Room is located at the very top of the facility, allowing you to look right down onto the snowcapped mountains from the comfort of the indoor spa. The Jade Room features two downstairs massage stations, each featuring its relaxing fire pits that can be reserved for private, romantic sessions by the two of you. As you melt into the soft winter air, feel free to take a look at the complimentary pool and whirlpool Jacuzzi.

Step three

Step three: Enjoy an afternoon in one of the many specialty rooms. Imperial Health Spa features a full-service spa that offers complete body wraps, facials, massages, ionic wraps, and detoxes. IN total, there are eight luxury specialty rooms to choose between; they include the following: Crystal Ball Room: Enjoy the ultimate in Thai massages. As you lie back on the plush fabric-covered floor, the experienced masseur will gently rub your shoulders with the use of his hands, palms, and feet. After a relaxing, and enjoyable thirty-minute session, you will be given a choice of two different massage options. The first will require you to lie on your stomach, while the second will position you on your side so that your hips are flat against the floor.

Healing Pool

Healing Pool: Spend an afternoon under the soothing jets in this luxurious therapeutic room. You will lie on the floor as the therapist performs yoga postures on your back. Next, he or she will use his or her hands to massage your entire body, including your face, neck, arms, and hands. After the yoga session is concluded, you will be able to choose from a selection of body wraps, including Argon oil wrap, coconut wrap, and foot or hand wrap.

Ultrasonic Steam

Ultrasonic Steam: Enjoy a steam bath in this quiet, reflective room. Located in the lobby, you will step into a whirlpool spa that sits above an open steam tube. This is a great way to relax after the stress of the day. After your steam bath, you can choose from a variety of therapy options, including mud treatment, aromatherapy, and foot or hand massage.

Drench Baths

Drench Baths: Enjoy a refreshing soak in the tropical drench. Walk into the warm water, splash around a little, and relax for up to two hours. There are no limits to your relaxation. Treat yourself today and make Imperial Health Spa’s afternoon outing a must.

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