January 24, 2022

Fall Immunization Program

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Fall Immunization Program

Fall Immunization Program

The Cal Poly Health Center prides itself on offering top-notch emergency and critical care
services. The Center prides itself on the fact that no amount of preparation can substitute the
skill of a professional. The Center prides itself in using the latest technology, like interactive
computers and Internet applications, to make its patients more aware of their surroundings. This
Center prides itself on being a green facility and recycles everything it uses. It also runs an
emergency preparedness program, offering courses in basic first aid and CPR to anyone who
wishes to learn.
The CPR/ED program at the Cal Poly Health Center is operated by a team of dedicated Cal Poly
students that are interested in making Cal Poly, California a safer place for all by training staff,
faculty, students, and community members in basic First Aid and CPR. All instructors are
volunteers so that they teach just because they genuinely care about the subject. During their
free time, they conduct blood test clinics for individuals to receive immunization shots. These
immunizations can prevent diseases like measles, rubella, hepatitis, mumps, and genital warts.
The team that operates the Cal Poly Health Center’s emergency department is made up of
highly trained nurses, technicians, and counsellors. In addition to administering shots of
immunization, they also offer medical assistance in cases where someone has been exposed to
an outbreak of disease. One such incident involved an individual who visited the campus health
clinic with symptoms consistent with having the West Nile virus. When a blood test was taken,
results came back revealing that the patient had high enough titer count antibodies to indicate
that he had contracted the virus.
This story is a great illustration of how crucial it is to know whether or not a person is immunized
and receive proper testing upon entering the campus health center. All students and faculty are
required to show proof of immunity at the time of registration. This includes students entering the
public high school, who must display a valid photo ID when picking up their books at the school.
As part of their orientation procedures, health care providers are expected to fill out a medical
provider handbook. Included in this form is information regarding immunizations and how to
prepare for them. Students and staff are also expected to complete a reference laboratory card.
This card contains personal information about the patient, as well as his or her contact
information if necessary for contacting a doctor. Reference laboratory cards are also required for
each patient receiving treatment at the cal Poly center.
There are some circumstances when a student may not have adequate titer levels to indicate
that they are immune to a disease. If a person’s titer is lower than anticipated, they will be
instructed to take an immunization as soon as possible. These vaccines protect both children
and adults. Students with low titer should be advised to go into the reference laboratory to
collect their next titer sample. The staff will collect the blood sample in the same way they collect
any other samples. Upon collection, the laboratory will forward the result to the immunization
Students who do not have adequate titer levels and have not entered the immunization series
should begin at the first day of class. Those who have already received their first dose of
tetanus, diphtheria, pertussis and a whole series of doses of measles, mumps, rubella and
chicken pox will begin the series on the first day of class. Referment to the immunization
provider will be made within the first three days of classes, at which point students can return to
the health center to pick up their series of vaccines.
The immunizations at the Cal Poly Health Center are important for students. This is also the site
where parents can receive important information about their child’s care. Classes at the campus
are taught by certified nurses and dentists in an environment that emphasizes safety. The staff
takes every measure possible to keep students safe and comfortable, while also assuring them
that this is a place of learning and excellence

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