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Behavioral Health Center

If you have recently been discharged from a mental hospital or care facility, you may be wondering what is the best way to find treatment for your needs. There are many options available to you. One such option is at the Summit Behavioral Health Center. Situated in Urbana, Illinois, the center offers a variety of treatments for the entire family. It provides unique treatment options that will suit your unique needs.

The primary goal of Summit

Behavioral Health is to provide customized, long-term care for your loved one. They strive to offer state-of-the-art behavioral health treatment solutions and are committed to providing their patients with the highest levels of personalized care. With warm and welcoming surroundings, Summit Behavioral Health provides a secure place to go during your recovery, individuals, family, and group counseling. Their outpatient services include nutrition counseling, wound care, physical therapy, socialization, and much more.

Clinical Portion

In the clinical portion of the program, they utilize the most advanced technology to provide you with the care and the support you need. They also use a variety of methods to motivate and encourage their patients. Whether you need individual or group therapy, they strive to offer both. Through new jersey collaboration with Ivy Tech University and the John Heard Heimer Hospital in Urbana, patients are eligible for inpatient services and outpatient treatment with a treatment plan that will meet their unique needs.

Eligible Professionalism

At the forefront of their approach is what is called “Eligible Professionalism”. They want to make sure that their inpatient and outpatient services reflect the highest standards of the profession. This applies not only to their staff but also to the patients they serve. All therapists employed by Summit Behavioral Health are required to meet and exceed strict evidence-based practice guidelines to maintain certification with the National Board for Evidence-Based Practice (NBEE).

RN License

What exactly does this mean to you? It means that your therapist is well-referred, has extensive training, and has made it through the toughest of exams to earn his or her RN license. At the same time, you will know that the programs and treatments they are implementing will truly be of the highest quality. Many addiction treatment centers pride themselves on meeting or exceeding the standards set forth by these organizations. These practices are necessary to maintain licensure; it would be unethical to offer something that falls short of those standards. At Summit Behavioral Health, all individuals, regardless of the circumstance, are treated with compassion and respect and with an emphasis on evidence-based approaches.

Treatment Programs

While it may be difficult to believe at first, each patient’s individual needs are met within the treatment programs and therapies at Summit Behavioral Health. Treatment plans are designed around the specific behaviors, issues, and issues that are affecting each person. This type of personalized treatment can help those in need to live productive and meaningful lives, instead of living each moment feeling depressed, hopeless, or ashamed. Because of the dedication of those at the helm of the addiction treatment programs, patients begin to feel better about themselves and can enjoy a social life again. This type of recovery atmosphere fosters increased confidence and helps patients to realize that they do not need to isolate themselves when in fact, they can be a part of a loving, supportive community.

Evidence-Based Treatment

Along with the commitment to evidence-based treatment, patients receive individual counseling in addition to the comprehensive care provided by professionals at the addiction facility. Through this comprehensive care, individuals can address issues such as shame and fear about their condition, alcohol cravings, depression, anxiety, relationships, performance, healthy nutrition, exercise, and weight management. The comprehensive care at Summit Behavioral Health ensures that patients can maintain personal, professional, and social responsibilities throughout their recovery. With so many opportunities available and an emphasis on wellness, the treatment programs at this facility serve as an example to the rest of the nation as a place where people can go to recover instead of making excuses for their physical and mental health.

Summit Behavioral Health

While at Summit Behavioral Health in New Jersey, individuals can benefit from new skill-building strategies that allow them to succeed. Skills such as social media marketing, online branding, teleseminars, public speaking, sales skills, and time management are just a few of the techniques that help patients succeed in their recoveries. Recovery is not easy, but those who make it through emerge as renewed, whole individuals who have learned to manage their resources and regain control over their lives. For more information about the many services offered by Summit Behavioral Health, call the 24-hour helpline or visit their website. All are welcome

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