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Apply Online For a Job at Katahdin Valley Health Center

Katahdin Valley Health Center

Katahdin Valley Health Center is located in Blenheim, New Mexico. This center offers a full range of services to meet the diverse needs of individuals who are healthy, young, or elderly. Katahdin Valley Health Center offers equal employment opportunities (EOE) to all applicants and employees for employment without consideration to gender, age, race, color, ethnicity or origin, physical or emotional disability, genetic information, or predisposing factors, age or health, marital status or Parental Status.

The mission of the Health Center

The mission of the center is to serve people from every walk of life with high-quality, effective, and timely health care. The inclusion of provisions of psychiatric services and acute care in a comprehensive health care facility contributes significantly to the betterment of the patient’s overall condition. The services of the Katahdin Valley Health Center include primary care, surgical referral, inpatient care, skilled assistance, day health care, and community health programs. Some other important components of services include detoxification, hospice care, primary and specialty care depression support, social services, family services, children’s services, after-care programs, home health services,s and emergency services.

Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA)

The provisions of the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) ensure that the privacy of the individual is maintained. It also requires employers to reasonably accommodate an applicant’s reasonable religious beliefs, if any, related to sex or material classified as an adult or mature content. The FCRA also protects against discrimination based on national origin, disability, age, or religion and guarantees the right to work in the U.S. by any person who would benefit from employment in the U.S. based on those national origins.

Qualified Employees of Katahdin Valley Health Center

All qualified employees of Katahdin Valley Health Center, regardless of nationality, race, or religious belief are considered for employment. The Center has policies and procedures for addressing potential issues that may arise. Those issues are resolved through a process of onsite interviews with the potential candidate. Interviewing of applicants takes place in an environment that is free of personal interaction except where questions directly related to the employee’s work are asked. In general, all applicants are required to complete an application and a background check.

National Council

The National Council of Incorporation is the chief decision-maker. The following paragraphs detail the general duties of the President and Secretary. The first duty is to determine if the applicant is a suitable and eligible grantee under the Program. The next duty is to review and make recommendations concerning the eligibility of each applicant. After the completion of each of these duties, the principal decision-maker is responsible to determine whether the individual is granted an eligibility determination.

Applicants are required to list their overall physical and mental health and characteristics. Applicants are also required to state their relationship to the United States, whether they reside in the United States legally, and their social security number. Applicants are also required to list their education, employment history, awards and degrees, work experience and training, hobbies, military service, and other important information relating to their occupational fields or professions. On a final health-related report, applicants are required to list their specific drug
allergies. Katahdin Valley Health Center seeks to employ individuals with all types of ethnic backgrounds, as well as individuals with all types of religious faiths. All persons who are considered for an award receive an acknowledgment in writing.

Requirement of Valley Health Center

The above requirements are the basic criteria that a person must meet to be considered for an award. Each year Katahdin Valley Health Center receives hundreds of applications. Every year, a great number of individuals are turned down for an award. Applicants with poor or no English language skills are often turned down for an award; applicants with criminal records are often turned down, and ethnic and religious groups are often turned down.


Applications may be returned undamaged, signed, and accompanied by a SASE (self-addressed stamped envelope). Applications should include a cover letter, a completed application, a completed salary packet, a copy of a photo ID, and an itinerary showing how and when the applicant will work at the center. Katahdin Valley Health Center accepts faxed applications only. The center receives faxed applications, however, we cannot accept unsolicited faxed applications. For more information on job openings at this center, contact the human resources department. Applications are available from the center’s main office, on Facebook, and through a variety of public, online sources.

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