January 23, 2022

American University – Recognized Among the Best Colleges in Health Sciences

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Best Colleges in Health Sciences

Best Colleges in Health Sciences

American University – Recognized Among
the Best Colleges in Health Sciences

American University is one of the oldest universities in all of North America. It has an enrollment
nearing nine thousand students. This university is a member of the Science and Business
Schools Association. It is the only medical school to be accredited by The Joint Commission on
Accreditation of Hospitals. This university has an impressive amount of awards, recognition, and
American University has earned many awards, distinction, and achievements throughout its
history. Most recently, it has been honored with twenty seven awards including eleven teaching
honor awards, seven Science and Technology Academic Achievement Awards, six College
Alumni Associations Academic honors, and five universitywide Teaching Excellence Awards. It is
also a member of the prestigious Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business and
Health Sciences. In terms of its Open Enrollment program, American University is among the
best colleges to enroll in, as it offers many exceptional degree programs that lead to lucrative
As a leading institution in the field of healthcare management, American University placed
second in the health sciences rankings. Among the graduate colleges that made up the second
largest segment of students enrolled at American University, are twenty Bachelors Degrees from
the Culinary Institute of America. These programs offered at American University are diverse
with a focus on foodservice management. These degree programs are among the best colleges
to choose from, if you are seeking a Bachelor in Hospitality Management.
With respect to overall graduation rates, American University received the twentieth highest
graduation rate. Toward the end of the same twenty year period, the graduation rates for all
other colleges listed fell by fifteen percent. At the end of the same span, twenty-one percent of
the graduating class had placements in hospitals and health care centers. This represents an
impressive achievement when you compare it with the other colleges which saw a drop of eleven
percent in graduation rates. With these amazing statistics, American University easily retains its
place among the top schools on the list of American University of Health Sciences Rankings.
As with all other institutions on the ranking list, American University has excellent faculty to
recommend to students. Full-time faculty were found to have an average of thirty three years of
experience. This shows that the quality of the instructional faculty is not a product of quantity but
quality of the individual student learning system. The University of health sciences with its fulltime faculty ratio of fifteen to one is considered one of the best schools to train for a career in
hospital administration or management.
The University of health sciences with its fourteen thousand students enrolled last year indicates
that there are many people interested in learning to become doctors, nurses and other allied
health professionals. This is a positive sign as it means that the quality of education provided at
American University is high. Other positive indicators of the quality of instruction provided at
American University include its placement of adjunct faculty on medical school campuses and its
acceptance of transfer credits. These attributes will contribute to the degree that a student
obtains at the end of his/her undergraduate career.
When the United States News and World Report first released the results of their ranking of
American University, they received a lot of criticism from a wide variety of sources. The News
and World Report claimed that the way that rankings were being used by the media was unscientific and did not help the public in making a better decision about which university to attend.
This criticism has been given substance with the release of the twenty-first century rankings by
the rankings website, Times Higher Education. Times Higher Education’s twenty first century
rankings take into account important factors like faculty strength, student-teacher ratios, student
satisfaction, research output, research funding and use of technology in education. All these
elements are important in determining the best colleges in health sciences.
If an institution can maintain a high graduation rate across all of the different branches of
medicine, then it is considered to be one of the best colleges in health sciences. A high
acceptance rate in the undergraduate population is also a factor. The Open Enrollment Program
at American University received high marks not only for its acceptance rate, but also for its policy
of accepting all eligible students, regardless of their financial situation. The overall success of
American University is largely determined by its policy of open enrollment. This policy makes it
possible for any student who has decided to pursue a higher education to do so without the fear
of financial hardship. It is therefore important for prospective students to find out more about
American University’s policies on open enrollment and to apply immediately if they are
interested in this program

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