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A Prevention Plan For Swope Health Services

Swope Health Services

Swope Health Services is a long-term acute care community care organization, providing primary healthcare and related support services to the residents of our four local communities. We are a service agency for those individuals who have or need long-term or short-term health care. We offer specialty clinics for those in the Central Valley and those in the surrounding counties of Wilson, Snohomish, Pacific, and King. In addition, we also serve clients in the cities of Kent, Mukilteo, Emery, Lafayette, and Milton. All of our clinics offer the same high quality of care and respect for your privacy as your doctor does.

Quality Of Life

Our mission is to enhance the quality of life for all our residents while building strong ties with our communities. We strive to build relationships between our patients and our doctors while emphasizing prevention and early intervention through comprehensive community health services programs. Our primary objective is to offer comprehensive healthcare services to all those who qualify through our sliding fee payment programs while ensuring that our clients receive the highest possible level of personalized care. We have a unique ability to provide access to the most advanced forms of treatment in an environment that fosters healing within the family.

Behavioral Health

Our behavioral health approach focuses on improving the emotional well-being of our patients while providing the tools necessary for change and improvement. Our substance abuse treatment and management program are based on our belief that everybody can lead a healthy life. We help people get back into a healthy relationship with themselves and their physical environment. Our programs are focused on teaching our residents how to deal with the issues that can affect their daily lives. This includes learning how to develop healthy relationships with their families and how to prevent common household problems from escalating into severe ones.

Health Centers Principles

Our comprehensive wellness program incorporates many of our other community health centers’ principles. our goal is to make your stay in a local facility more productive while providing you with personalized support services. our professionals work closely with you throughout the treatment process and strive to work with you every step of the way through one on one counseling and therapy sessions. They will also assist you with creating a tailored nutrition plan for living with your condition. our Behavioral Health team provides state-of-the-art, comprehensive, evidence-based treatment and management.

Highly Training

Our highly trained therapists and counselors use a combination of education and intervention techniques to help our clients address their mental health issues. They are committed to working with you to create the lifestyle changes necessary to improve their lives. With a highly trained team of therapists and counselors at our facility, you will be provided with personalized, individualized care in a setting that fosters lasting transformation. Our highly skilled team serves as advocates for you, as they work towards helping you make positive changes in your life.

Health Center

Throughout the week, our behavioral health services team provides several events for residents. These events range from yoga, exercise, and fun activities for residents to attend. Our residents are free to come and go as they please, however during these events they can receive the same quality of care that they would receive in our wellness center. On Monday, our health center welcomes our clients from our 6th Avenue Health Center, 6th Avenue SW, Bondurant Health Center, and Swope Park branch. On Friday, we welcome our new residents, those who have moved into our facilities since earlier this month. Our goal is to offer our residents, families, and children the chance to enjoy themselves during this transitional period.

Environment Goal

The goal of our Monday, Friday, and Saturday programs is to provide an environment that is conducive to optimal physical, emotional, mental, and social well-being. Through group and one-on-one encouragement, our residents can work through their conflicts, improve relationships, and gain insight into their unique situations. In our wellness center, patients enjoy the opportunity to be heard the way they want to be. Through our P.M. services, our goal is to reduce the recurrence of any high-risk behaviors, including self-injuring, substance abuse, gambling, self-harm, suicide attempts, incarceration, and incarceration.

Behavioral Health Specialist

Each resident in our facility is assigned a Behavioral Health Specialist (BHS), who has specific areas of expertise. Dr. Marsha Swope BHS supervises all of the program’s parts, implementing a rigorous preventative programming approach with highly skilled therapists and counselors. Through our highly skilled clinical and psychotherapeutic team, our counselors and therapists effectively deal with all kinds of emotional, behavioral, and developmental issues that interfere with individuals’ ability to live and thrive in their community. These and other related Texas City, Missouri, crisis intervention and treatment services are provided by Swope Health Services in conjunction with Addiction Services of Middle America (ASCAM), a private, not-for-profit agency dedicated to providing quality, evidence-based addiction treatment in the community.

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