January 24, 2022

A Clean Bill of Health by Definition – What Does it Mean?

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A Clean Bill of Health

A Clean Bill of Health by Definition – What
Does it Mean?

A Clean Bill of Health is an absolute statement by an unbiased and knowledgeable committee,
which concludes that the person, group or institution has been found, under careful investigation,
physically sound, fit to work, etc. an assurance, espousing an implied promise, that the person
has been found not to display any disease-causing agents during the period of his employment,
whether or not he has ever had a heart attack. A clean bill of health should be a summary of all
the findings regarding the physical fitness of a person, and should include such specific
information as the family history of heart problems, his having had any cardiac problems in the
past and so on. The report should also contain a statement by an expert physician who, after
carefully examining the person concerned, gives the clean bill of health as being clean and
promising. A Clean Bill of Health is not to be taken as a final ruling by those who read it, but is to
be used as a guide by people who are investigating their own cases and coming to conclusions
about their own fitness. For an absolutely truthful account, it would be better if one went ahead
and did a thorough reading of the report itself, before coming to any conclusions about other
If the report of the doctor gives a clean bill of health, then he is likely to get a good compensation
from the insurance company if he ever has to make a claim for a future heart problem. Even
though the doctor may not have suffered any permanent damage, the claim might be rejected by
the insurance company if the report of the doctor is negative. Similarly, even though somebody
may be a victim of a heart attack, he may have a good condition now, whereas in the future he
could be in a very bad condition if he had not been given a clean bill of health by a doctor. An
insurance company will never pay for the treatment of an insured while he is in a bad state of
health! Hence it is very important to keep a good condition report handy all the time to avoid
these kinds of problems.
However, there are some exceptions to the above rule. In such a situation, it could be said that
somebody has actually deliberately tried to fake his or her good condition in order to receive a
clean bill of health from the insurance company. Insurance companies have to pay good
attention to such fake reports and reject their claims, even if they have to pay a higher premium.
Fake reports have to be checked with great care, because somebody may be trying to fiddle the
system in order to receive a clean bill of health.
Another important factor which is to be considered when it comes to the question of whether
somebody has received a clean bill of health, is the quality of the doctor who attended him. A
person does not need to have a very good medical history to receive a clean bill of health, as is
the case with many other professions. There are certain things which are assumed to be true in
the medical profession, but which are in fact false. For instance, doctors assume that somebody
will get sick very often, because everybody gets sick at least once or twice in their life. If a doctor
were to say that everybody will get sick once or twice in their life, then he or she would be lying,
because nobody gets sick twice, and everybody is healthy!
Secondly, clean bill of health is also dependent upon the honesty of the medical practitioner or
doctor who conducted the examination. The patient should be able to trust any and every
member of the medical team whom he or she is associated with. It is advisable to choose a
physician who is known for his honesty and integrity. A man who is involved in the practice of
medicine for many years can be expected to know all the tricks of the trade, whereas a new
doctor needs to learn these things over the course of time.
Another myth about clean bill of health is that it only comes about when a person is healthy.
Contrary to what people believe, a clean bill of health also encompasses a healthy body. A body
that is fit and healthy has more energy, is not prone to sickness and is free from diseases. A fit
body also makes a person more active, while a sick body remains inactive.
A clean bill of health by definition also entails total health of the patient. The normal condition of
the human body should be taken into consideration, along with its various aspects. A healthy
person will be free from any kind of infections. A sick person, on the other hand, will be
susceptible to diseases and infections.
Therefore, we come to the final part of this article. People should always keep themselves
updated with all the latest information about health. If you are healthy and you follow the clean
bill of health by definition, there is no reason why you should not enjoy the same. With the help
of modern technology, information about diseases and their treatment is widely available. So,
you should always keep yourself informed so as to remain fit and fine, even if you are not
physically active

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